Project Description
WebSurvey is an ASP.NET server control that helps developers quickly and easily generated web-based surveys from an XML file.

Update ( 02.10.2010)

I've ported the docs from my old domain over to My new web hosting provider is linux-based, so unfortunately, the Live Demo will not work, but the documentation about WebSurvey usage should still be pretty accurate:

Update ( 12.13.2009)

I've FINALLY begun working on a new version of WebSurvey. That's the good news. The "bad" (in quotes, because depending on your view, it might not be bad at all) news is that it's a MAJOR departure from how the control has been developed in the past.

I've changed directions pretty drastically with the new version. What's so different?

WebSurvey v.Gimme

  • Primarily AJAX / Javascript driven
  • ASP.NET no longer required
  • JSON takes the place of XML
  • Rendered HTML markup now completely in YOUR control!

The new version is called "Websurvey v.Gimme" because I'm using the Gimme Javascript Library as the backing framework to power WebSurvey. I'm sure a change as drastic as this will garner a lot of questions and "buts" so let me give just a quick example of how it works (so far that it -- it's still in early development).

- Step 1: in your HTML page, include the necessary files -
<script type = "text/javascript" src = "gimme.js"></script>
<script type = "text/javascript" src = "websurvey.js"></script>
<link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" href = "websurvey.css" />

- Step 2: somewhere in the body of your HTML page, declare an element to be a "webSurvey" and specify a few config options with a JSON object -

<form class = "webSurvey">
<span class = "config">
surveyFile: 'mySurvey.json',
redirectPage: 'surveyCompletedPage.html',

Believe it or not, that's it! Gimme and the WebSurvey js file will work together to "find" all webSurveys within a page, dynamically load your survey.json file and build the proper markup to power your survey.

The devil is in the details though, and the details are in the survey.json file. The format isn't completely baked yet, so I'm not going to provide examples for that just yet. But stay tuned.

Comments / suggestions welcome

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